Neosurf Casinos are among the most enjoyable to play at because the Neosurf payment online payment system is one of the simplest ways to transfer funds online, especially if you live in France, Belgium or Spain where the cards are available. Neosurf is, in essence a prepaid card that will allow you to shop at online stores such as eBay or Amazon, transfer funds into online casino accounts or, pay friends or family members and even give your children money to spend online.

Purchasing or transferring with Neosurf

As previously mentioned, Neosurf is an online prepaid card. Think of it as a card that combines the best bits of a Credit and Debit Card into one, easy to use and simple bit of plastic. After you have loaded your card, you will be able to purchase goods or transfer money and like a Credit Card, all you need to do so, is to provide the merchant or the casino with the unique PIN number found on the back of the card. But like the Debit Card, you will not have to worry about paying for your purchases at the end of the month when the bill comes, the money will be transferred immediately to your casinos account, much in the same way as it would when using a Debit Card. All funds will also be made available immediately and all purchases with go through instantly, leaving you free to carry on with playing games or enjoying your new purchase.

Funding your Neosurf card

Neosurf Prepaid Cards can be bought at all participating retail outlets and news agents around France, Belgium and Paris and even though the cards have a €100 spending limit, big spenders should not fear because you will be able to purchase multiple cards at once. You will also be able to fund your Neosurf account by transferring funds directly into your My Neosurf Account from your personal bank account and finally, you will be able to use another, another, loaded Neosurf card to fund your depleted one.

Using Neosurf is easy

Like many of the other prepaid cards, Neosurf is an extremely safe and convenient way to deposit money into your Neosurf Casino account. Because all the money will be available immediately, you will not have to wait for money to become available. This makes Neosurf Casinos among the most enjoyable to play at and well worth a visit, especially if you are looking for a way to play casino games online.